Miscellaneous Regurgitate stuff - Video, wallpapers, logos, flyers, tabs...
Yes, we have a video!

Waging War on Benevolence is a track on our new album Deviant and the video was made by Glenn Sykes.
Two sizes/qualities/formats is available:
Download mpeg1 video (12.6 MB)
Download wmv video (3.58 MB)
Mpeg1 should be playable with almost any video player. Wmv is a streaming Windows Media Player format, but might be playable with other media players as well.
The videos are on a fast(ish) server now, which hopefully is stable as well.

REGURGITATE wallpaper1
800x600 (83.7 kB)
1024x768 (127 kB)

REGURGITATE wallpaper1
800x600 (92.4 kB)
1024x768 (140 kB)

REGURGITATE wallpaper2
800x600 (95.1 kB)
1024x768 (139 kB)
If you have a Regurgitate wallpaper that you would like to see here, mail it to Urban. Best is if you mail a 1024x768 pixel .jpg image.
These are the two logos we use. You can download the logos either as a big(ish) GIF image, or as a zipped EPS file which can be made as big as you want.

RGTE - logo
GIF            EPS

RGTE - splatterlogo
GIF            EPS

Flyers, ads and more
Paper ads and all sorts of flyers - for records, gigs, tours and more. Clicking the images will open a new window with a bigger version of the same image. The big ones are 20-60 kB each.

Paper ad for the Relapse release of Effortless...

Flyer/poster for gig 020201

Flyer/poster for gig 020202

Flyer/poster for our 2001 tour

Flyer for our Grindcore KnockOut tour 2002

Ad for the
Vengeance MCD

Unused flyer
- KnockOut
tour 2002

Unused flyer
- KnockOut
tour 2002

for gig

for first

for first
CD '94

for gig

for first
tour '95

Flyer -

Flyer -

Flyer for the
Grind to the Core
tour April 2003

Flyer for our
gig in Karlstad

Guitar tabs for some RGTE songs
Here are tabs for some songs we have played live. You have to figure the tabs out yourself - it's not standard notation! But to get you started I can say that they are up side down... don't know why, but they are. Low E-string on top. And obviously not all strings are shown. Images are around 40 kB each and they open in a new window.

Tabs 1 - Confluent macular drug eruption, Bleeding peptic ulcer, Vulva fermentation, The pulsating feast
Tabs 2 - Humiliated in your own blood, Copious head carnage, Complete rectal prolapse
Tabs 3 - Testicular trauma, Cloudy, greyish vomitus, Emethic jizz treatment
Tabs 4 - Destined to burn, Choked in shit, Funeral genocide, Desperate need for violation
Tabs 5 - Fleshmangler, Bulging vaginal septum, 37 stabwounds, Headless she died
Tabs 6 - I wanna kill, Hatefilled vengeance, Deathlike incest
Tabs 7 - You're about to fukkin die, Self-disembowelment, Deranged menarche injection
Tabs 8 - Drastical decapitation of a raped infant
Tabs 12 - Fecal Freak, Carnivorous Erection, The Combustion and... .(from C.E.) NEW!
Tabs 13 - Bullous Impetigo, Newborn Reg., Effortless Regurgi... (from Effortless...) NEW!
Tabs 14 - Abducens Eminence (from Sickening Bliss) NEW!
Tabs 15 - (We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum (from Sickening Bliss) NEW!
Tabs 16 - Annihilation Meets Depravation, Wagin War on Benevolence (Deviant) NEW!
Tabs 17 - Deviant Malpractice, Systematic Demoralization (Deviant) NEW!
Tabs 18 - Grotesque Anoplasty (Deviant) NEW!
And some requestes (around 20kB each):
Tabs 9 - Disgorging foetus, Confluent macular druge eruption, Bullous impetigo, Fleshfeast
Tabs 10 - Carnicorous Erection, Rage against humanity, Festering embryonic vomit
Tabs 11 - Waging War on Benevolence (from Deviant)