The history
Well, boring as it might sound - here's all you wanted (?) to know about our homepage, but were too ashamed to ask. Or maybe we should see this as an internal rgte-page, where we keep track of all the changes to the page? The latest updates to the page can be found on the news page.
Let there be homepages
Our very first homepage wasn't even our homepage. It was a premature epitaph made by Pierre of Braindead e-gore-zine. We don't know when this site first saw the light of day, but it was later (late '99) redone to be the first official Regurgitate homepage.
The first official homepage.
The first official homepage - made by
Pierre of Braindead e-zine in France
Unused idea 2000
Our first idea for a new layout -
never launched...
After the re-release of "Effortless Regurgitation..." we were beginning to think about getting rid of the old in favor of something with less pop-up ads. Said and done... we got ourselves and started planning the new homepage. The first try didn't look to different from the previous one and was quickly abandoned, in favour of "the white corporate look" - we simply didn't want another typical metal-band page... black that is. 2001.
The first version of, launced in March 2001.
Unused update to the homepage.
One of the early attempts at making the page more visually appealing.
As much as we liked the no bullshit approach to the homepage, we (at least Urban) still wanted to upgrade it to something a bit more "artistic" - the white one was about as visually exciting as a stock book. Well, it stood out from most other grind/metal pages, so it worked the way we intended.
No more mister white page!
When Urban started working on a new look for the site it was only planned to be a small facelift, rather than a brand new site, but after a bunch of rejected new interfaces it became clear that the old stuff had to go. Out with the corporate look and in with the brushes and inkbottles, inspired by the designs made by Jonathan Canady for our releases on Relapse - especially the CD version of "Hatefilled Vengeance".
   The first "brushstroke and inkspot"-design also echoed of the old white page, but that soon changed to the grey and purple that was to come. After some 20 try-outs with different sizes colours, fonts etc version 2 turned out to be quite different from the previous ones.

Another unused update.
One of many tests with
brushstrokes and inkspots v2 2002 version 2. Launched in September 2002.

Big changes
The new homepage don't just look different, there are (or will be) lots of more stuff on it as well. We're looking hard for all kinds of flyers, posters, mp3s, wallpapers, winamp skins, live photos... etc. You name it. For instance... the new site has twice the amount of mp3 songs, and more will come. Other new things on the page are the "member pages" where we also have up-to-date lists of our current favourites, be it CDs, movies or drinks.
The site will continue to change and to grow... so don't hesitate to let us know if there's something you think should be added to it.
New design 2005
After two and a half years the design started to feel old again, so something had to be done to correct that. Also after four years of bright(ish) colors it started to feel like a good idea to make the new design a darker one.
New design May 2005.
New design May 19th, 2005. Darker than the previous ones.
Not much else was changed on the homepage except the look, so it can't be seen as a major update to site. A completely new site will be project for the future.